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A rhinoplasty or “nose job” is a popular procedure for both men and women who are unhappy with the shape of their nose or who have difficulty breathing through their nose.

For those whose noses aren’t straight due to trauma or developmental abnormalities, a rhinoplasty can make breathing through the nose easier and more comfortable. Not only can a rhinoplasty improve your nose’s function, but it can also give you a self-confidence boost by creating better facial balance. This can be achieved by straightening, improving size, refining the nasal tip or removing a hump.

By skilfully changing the nasal shape, the look of the entire face can be enhanced. In many cases, the change that’s taking place is a matter of mere millimetres, but the impact that this tiny change can have on the overall look of your face is significant. When performing a rhinoplasty procedure, our surgeon Dr Andrew Broadhurst will consider your individual needs and carefully consult with you to ensure that the end result is one you are delighted with. Get your free information sheet here.

Surgical Fees*

These fees include Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s surgical fee, anaesthetist and either your hospital excess or hospital fee. You may be eligible for a Medicare and/or private health fund rebate if you meet Medicare criteria. Dr Andrew Broadhurst will complete an assessment during your initial consultation to see if you meet these requirements.

Septorhinoplasty $15,390 – $17,390 all inclusive

* Please note that these fees may change depending on the individual patient.

If you are unhappy with your nose, feel self-conscious about its appearance or are having trouble with the usual function of your nose – contact Dr Andrew Broadhurst today. Alternatively, request your virtual consultation today. Don’t keep living with a nose that makes you unhappy or that causes you difficulty, especially when the fix is so accessible.

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What Rhinoplasty Involves

In delivering your rhinoplasty surgery, Dr Andrew Broadhurst will use the most appropriate surgical technique for your needs. There are a couple of incision options available to you, and each of these options has different advantages which are based on your unique nose shape and structure. Regardless, the surgical method chosen is performed to ensure minimal scarring (which fades to be almost completely invisible after a few months) and the fastest healing time.

What to Expect

In your initial consultation, you’ll discuss your medical history and Dr Andrew Broadhurst will thoroughly examine your nose and facial structure. Together, you will then discuss the features of your nose you’d like to change and how your treatment plan can be tailored to get you as close as possible to the look you’re hoping to achieve.

It is important to remember that a rhinoplasty cannot give you a new nose, only a new shape. Dr Broadhurst will talk you through the ins and outs of your procedure, and outline what you can expect after your surgery and in the early recovery period.

As a delicate and balanced procedure, Dr Broadhurst pays careful attention to the details of your face and what you want from your nose to ensure that the new shape of your nose is refined and elegant. In the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want about your nose surgery and find out everything you need to know. We want to make sure you’re as prepared and knowledgeable about your nose job as you can be.

A second consultation will be scheduled prior to surgery to ensure you have a complete understanding of your procedure and to give you an opportunity to ask any further questions. This consultation is at no cost to you.


Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more, download our Rhinoplasty Infosheet.

Male and Female Rhinoplasty

At Dr Andrew Broadhurst, we see both male and female rhinoplasty patients who are seeking a nose job to enhance or restore their natural nose. In female patients, we are dedicated to retaining the style and shape of the natural nose and enhancing the beauty of the face. In male patients, we seek to work with the natural masculinity of the face and to enhance the existing aesthetic structure.

Treatment Timeline

A rhinoplasty is performed as a day surgery procedure under a general anaesthetic. The swelling will make breathing through your nose difficult for around six weeks. You will get a good indication of your rhinoplasty results when your nasal splint is removed, but your nose will continue to look more defined as the swelling continues to decrease.

Most swelling will be gone by the two-month mark, but it can take up to 12 months for all swelling to disappear completely. This is perfectly normal given the delicate nature of the nose, and in your consultation with Dr Broadhurst, you will have ample opportunity to discuss any of your concerns.

The bridge of your nose will require plenty of time to heal following on from your nose job, and we do recommend that you don’t wear glasses or sunglasses for around four to six weeks after your surgery. If you have previously had trouble breathing through your nose, you can expect to feel a difference soon after the surgery, with increased air intake once the swelling subsides.

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At Dr Andrew Broadhurst, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients with reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Our rhinoplasty surgery is performed with true attention to detail and expertise, thanks to Dr Broadhurst’s experience in the field of plastic surgery.

To find out about the finer details of the surgery or the overall nose job cost, please contact us today to book your consultation. We would be happy to discuss your options with you. If you would like to see some of the previous nose surgery procedures performed at Dr Andrew Broadhurst, take a look at some of our before and after photos in our rhinoplasty gallery.

We are based in Newstead and see patients from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast who are seeking quality rhinoplasty surgery.

At Dr Andrew Broadhurst, we believe that you were born with a great foundation – and we are here to help you enhance it. Call us on (07) 3252 8884 to book your consultation today and get the nose you have always wanted.

*All information provided is general in nature. All surgical procedures carry risks and no result can be guaranteed.

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