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Body Lift


A Body Lift removes unwanted loose skin from around the torso, lifting the buttocks, tightening the sides (between the ribs and hips) and improving the body’s overall contour.

It is an operation undertaken by men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight and consequently have extra skin that now hangs from their frame.

Surgical Fees*

These fees include Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s surgical fee, garments, Anaesthetist and either your hospital excess or hospital fee. You may be eligible for a Medicare and/or private health fund rebate if you meet Medicare criteria. Dr Andrew Broadhurst will complete an assessment during your initial consultation to see if you meet these requirements.

Body Lift $14,050 to 25,070 all inclusive

* Please note that these fees may change depending on the individual patient.

*All information provided is general in nature. All surgical procedures carry risks and no result can be guaranteed.

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