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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)


An abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ removes unwanted abdominal bulges, improves your waistline, tightens your skin and abdominal muscles and enhances the appearance of your belly button. The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and works by removing excess abdominal skin and fat and, in most cases, tightening the abdominal muscles at the same time. In some cases, we’ll also need to reconstruct your navel.

Every procedure we perform at Dr Andrew Broadhurst is done to improve your existing body shape, and to give you the flatter, firmer stomach you want.

Many of our abdominoplasty patients are mothers who have finished having children and want to get their pre-baby tummy back. Other candidates for a tummy tuck are people who have lost a lot of weight and who now have excess skin that won’t budge. You might have heard of the ‘mummy makeover’ – a set of cosmetic procedures for mums – which involves a tummy tuck as part of the process. We offer a range of complementary cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, so if you’re looking for a whole body procedure incorporating an abdominoplasty, we can help.

No matter your reasons for seeking a tummy tuck, know that you’re in safe hands with surgeon Dr Andrew Broadhurst. With over ten years of experience working in cosmetic and plastic surgery, Dr Broadhurst is passionate about improving the lives of his patients and boosting their self-confidence through his procedures.

What Abdominoplasty Involves

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure wherein surplus skin is removed from the front section of your stomach, or abdomen. Many people seek a tummy tuck; mothers who have finished having children and who are looking to regain their pre-pregnancy body, and people who have lost a lot of weight and have excess skin left over. The problem with skin is that it doesn’t just shrink on its own – and there’s only so much that good diet and exercise can do!

Our patients come to see us when they’re ready to take back control over their bodies, and we’re so happy to be able to give this level of confidence and self-esteem back to you.

Every abdominoplasty procedure with us at Dr Andrew Broadhurst is a carefully considered and executed surgery. We take the time to consult with you and discover what it is that you are looking to change with your tummy tuck. We will provide you with a realistic picture of what you can expect and will talk you through the procedure from start to finish, so you are comfortable with the surgery.

What to Expect

Every procedure is conducted in line with what your body shape and needs dictate. The incision that we make is in line with best practice, and we make sure that it is low enough so that your scar (although minimal) won’t be visible in your bathing suit, in jeans or in low-cut outfits and pants.

Dr Andrew Broadhurst also works with you to make sure that not too much skin is removed – because this can be problematic if it results in an overly-shortened abdomen. We ensure that the incision is closed in such a way as to result in minimal scarring, and also so that your tummy tuck heals as quickly and easily as possible. Belly button reconstruction (if needed) is also done to look as natural as possible.

What Your Tummy Tuck Will Achieve

A fitter, flatter looking stomach is what our tummy tuck patients are looking to achieve. From your first visit to see us at Dr Andrew Broadhurst, you’ll take the steps towards achieving the kind of stomach you have always wanted. A tummy tuck is a way to regain confidence, improve movement and enhance your physical appearance.

When you undergo a tummy tuck, exercising and being physically active will be much easier, thanks to the reduction of the excess skin on your abdomen.

Treatment Timeline

The recovery after your abdominoplasty procedure is around four to six weeks. Anything that involves your abdominal muscles within the first two weeks may be difficult for you, so we recommend getting some help or support to manage lifting and other tasks around the home, as well as caring for small children.

We also ensure that pain management is built into your recovery and that you are adequately taken care of in terms of what to expect. Within two weeks, you’ll be able to get back to work, and after six weeks, you should be able to return to all of your previous physical activities.

In terms of your scar, we do recommend that you apply a topical lotion or cream that is designed to reduce scarring, as this will give your skin the best possible conditions to repair in. Dr Andrew Broadhurst has a great deal of skill when it comes to closing surgeries so that scarring is minimal.

Surgical Fees*

These fees include Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s surgical fee, garments, anaesthetist and either your hospital excess or hospital fee. You may be eligible for a Medicare and/or private health fund rebate if you meet Medicare criteria. Dr Andrew Broadhurst will complete an assessment during your initial consultation to see if you meet these requirements.

Abdominoplasty $9,150 to $18,950 all inclusive

* Please note that these fees may change depending on the individual patient.

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Dr Andrew Broadhurst has clinic locations in both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and we see patients from across South East Queensland who are looking for superior plastic surgery procedures. We have a team of registered nurses who support Dr Broadhurst in his procedures and we offer a lifetime commitment of aftercare for every patient.

You can make an appointment to see Dr Broadhurst at any time following your procedure if you have any questions or concerns. You are our highest priority, and we make sure that every patient is comfortable and delighted with their tummy tuck.

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*All information provided is general in nature. All surgical procedures carry risks and no result can be guaranteed.

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