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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast sagging and changes can lead many women to feel incredibly self-conscious about their bodies.

Not surprisingly, this can begin to take its toll on day-to-day life and relationships. There are many reasons why breasts begin to lose their shape and firmness; your breasts might have changed after breastfeeding, you might have lost an amount of weight which has had an effect on your breasts, or you might have genetics which leads to sagging. Even just the ageing process can lead to sagging of your breasts.

A breast lift can restore volume and fullness to your breasts, opening the door for a happier and more confident you. If you are considering a breast lift (Mastoplexy) in Brisbane, read on to find out more about the procedure.

Surgical Fees*

These fees include Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s surgical fee, surgical bra, anaesthetist and hospital fee.

Mastopexy (breast lift) $10,380 to $10,844 all inclusive

* Please note that these fees may change depending on the individual patient.

If you’re looking to find out more about a breast lift, please feel free to call Dr Andrew Broadhurst today for a chat to our surgical team or book in now for a consultation where you’ll learn everything you need to know. Alternatively, request your virtual consultation today.

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What Breast Lift Surgery Involves

A breast lift or mastopexy will lift your breasts, reposition your nipple and improve the overall breast shape by restoring volume and fullness. The procedure involves removing excess skin, reshaping the breast tissue and repositioning the nipples and areolas to the middle of the breast. The reshaped breast will be lifted to sit higher and bring back youthfulness to your chest.

At Dr Andrew Broadhurst in Brisbane, we ensure that your breast lift is performed in full consultation with you. We don’t have a single way of performing breast lift surgery – we tailor the procedure specifically to your body size and shape because we want your breasts to look beautiful and natural. We’ll discuss the aim of your breast lift and talk about your options, and we’ll ensure that whatever you are seeking, you are happy with the end result. Get your free information sheet here.

A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation to both restore breast shape and increase breast size.

What to Expect

In your initial consultation with Dr Andrew Broadhurst, you’ll discuss your medical history, pregnancy plans (if relevant) and undertake an examination of your chest wall and breasts. Together, you will then discuss your treatment plan in detail and how it can help bring shape back to your breasts. Dr Broadhurst will also talk you through the ins and outs of the procedure, and outline what you can expect after your surgery and in the early recovery period.

A second consultation will be scheduled prior to surgery to ensure you have a complete understanding of your procedure and to give you an opportunity to ask any further questions. This consultation is at no cost to you.

What Your Breast Lift will Achieve

A breast lift is going to give you fuller, firmer and more supple breasts. The procedure can successfully bring your breasts back to their natural shape and size, and while mastopexy is a highly personalised procedure, you can rest assured that your result will be the same as all of our patients – stunning breasts that you are delighted with!

We specialise in breast lifts, breast augmentation and reconstructive breast procedures at Dr Andrew Broadhurst, so you know you’re in safe hands. By seeking a breast lift, you’re giving yourself confidence in the look, feel and size of your breasts.


Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more, download our Breast Lift Infosheet.


Treatment Timeline

A breast lift is performed as a day surgery procedure under a general anaesthetic. Depending on the extent of physical activity you undertake, you should fully recover within one to two weeks thanks to Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s rapid recovery technique.

After your surgery, you’ll come back to the clinic for the big reveal! This will be a consultation in which we’ll remove bandages and show you your breasts and discuss what will happen as they settle and adjust to the change. If you have had a breast augmentation as well as a breast lift, then there will be some additional settling which will take place as your breasts adjust to the implants.

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*All information provided is general in nature. All surgical procedures carry risks and no result can be guaranteed.

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